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Social Media Feeds

At King Edwin Primary School we believe in embracing technology. We believe that social media, if utilised correctly, can support our school community.  Our Facebook and Twitter feeds enable us to communicate effectively with our school community and to spread the positivity of our school ethos and High 5 Values.

Through social media, KEPS is able to share our children’s learning with others and influence far beyond the four walls of our school.A two way communication through social media also allows us to learn and develop as learning practitioners. Feedback through this avenue has helped our school to develop and improve dramatically over the past few years. Our Social Media Award (2019 & 2020) and a vast array of positive insight data supports our beliefs and we are very proud of our social media presence in the local, regional and national community.

Check out our school Facebook page and keep up to date on your KingEdwinner newsfeed