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Parents and carers may wish to look at the following links for more ideas for improving wellbeing and reducing anxiety during lockdown:


The following links provide guidance and resources for children, parents and carers on coping with change and building resilience.


For children finding it hard not being able to see family and friends during lockdown, CBeebies Bedtime stories shows actor Tom Hardy reading a bedtime story about two friends who find a new way to keep in touch despite being far apart. Parents and children alike may take comfort in sharing this story.

The Sleep Scotland website offers some simple, clear advice for parents and carers on how to get children into good sleep patterns.

Loneliness can be a big problem for both adults and children during lockdown. The Action for Children website provides tips for parents and carers on how to support a lonely child and how to talk to them about loneliness. ”



“The Mentally Healthy Schools website ( has an excellent toolkit designed for teachers, parents, carers and children to help with feelings of anxiety during this time of restricted freedom and blurred work/school/home boundaries.

In this toolkit, you will find lots of practical activities for children and families, which are both active and craft-based. These activities can help to reduce anxiety and improve wellbeing, and include breathing exercises, a relaxation story and a complete self-care kit.  There is also a six week ‘Wellbeing Through Sport’ programme to do at home and three worksheets to help children with emotional expression and regulation. There are also several resources that clearly present strategies and tips to reduce anxiety for both adults and children. Some of the resources for children can also be used by adults, such as the self-care resources and the breathing techniques, which are effective regardless of age.”

The Toolkit PDF is downloaded below. Some of the resources are links to websites which are as follows:-

Seven techniques for helping kids keep calm–

Depression, anxiety and mental health, NSPCC –

MindUp for Families Support Pack –

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