Our School


Head Teacher: Mr Callaghan-Wetton

Deputy Head teacher: Miss L Marsh

 Acting Assistant Head Teachers: Mr A Bandy, Mr A Ogle

SenCo: Mrs K Munnoch

SLT: Mr I Coles, Mrs R Cox, Mrs C Willis

Foundation Stage Leader: Mrs S Sharp

Business Manager: Mrs L Armitage, Admin Assistant: Ms M Coleman, Site Manager: Mr B Morton

Foundation Stage

Teachers: Mrs S Sharp, Mrs J Stafford, Mrs S Grant, Mrs R Hart, Miss M Hughes

Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Knowles, Mrs R Shepherd, Mrs C Hillier, Miss G McGrory

Key Stage One

Teachers: Mrs K Merrygold, Mrs A Woodhead, Miss K Farrow, Mrs R  Cox, Miss S Hawkins,

Teaching Assistants: Mrs A Fletcher, Mrs L Glover.

Key Stage Two

Teachers: Mr A Ogle, Mr K Lewis, Miss J Trolley, Mrs C Willis, Mr I Coles, Mrs K Munnoch, Miss T Roy, Mr A Bandy, Mr O Purrington

Teaching Assistants: Mrs S Shead, Mrs L Jones, Mrs T Knowles, Mrs K Koekemoer, Mrs N Bradley

Lunchtime Supervision

Senior MDSA: Ms Milnes

MDSA: Miss Clay, Mrs Rydings, Mrs Symonds, Mrs Carter, Mrs Saunders, Mrs Emmonds, Mrs Peacock, Mrs Handley, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Taylor.


Cleaning Team

Mrs Coupe, Mr Coupe, Mrs Stockwell, Ms M Coleman


Apprentice Teaching Assistant level 2:

To work under the direct instruction of teaching staff, to support access to learning for pupils and provide general support to the Teacher in the management of pupils in the classroom

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King Edwin Primary and Nursery School