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On Sunday 18th March we are considering having a ‘Big Community Day’ at KEPS and asking parents to volunteer some time between 8am and 4pm at school. We would be looking to tidy up our large planters by covering them with plastic membrane and planting perennial shrubs . We would like to get a number of jobs completed over the course of the day perhaps in our Foundation area or main entrance. Maybe a little painting or simply some tidying up of tired areas of our school.

We love KEPS and I know you do too. We can’t afford to pay for this sort of work without taking away from other resource that we feel children need more so if you can help… our children would really appreciate it!

If you are interested in supporting us or maybe even donating plants or materials – please get in touch.

Comment, like and share if you feel you can support us with this. We are particularly keen to hear from businesses that can offer help 😉

Thanks in advance 👍

King Edwin Primary and Nursery School