Key Stage One & Two Results

King Edwin Primary School-36


Information about how the children in our School performed within the last academic year. Further details from the Department for Education and the results of the National Comparison are outlined below.

Year SixPercentage - 42 Pupils
Reading69%, 14% Greater Depth
Writing76%, 10% Greater Depth
Maths81%, 21% Greater Depth
SPAG81%, 21% Greater Depth
Year TwoPercentage - 59 Pupils
Reading62%, 14% Greater Depth
Writing62%, 16% Greater Depth
Maths74%, 19% Greater Depth
FSU & Year OnePercentage
FSU - Good Level of Development74% of 48 pupils
Year One Phonics82% of 44 pupils
Year Two Phonics retake50% of 20 pupils
King Edwin Primary and Nursery School