Curriculum Framework

King Edwin Primary School-36

Yearly Overview of Subjects

By clicking on each King Edwin icon, you will be able to view the subjects our children will be studying in 2019-2020 (broken down in to the six half terms). The exception is Religious Education, which follows the Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus and can be found briefly outlined below.

Long Term Plans:



At King Edwin Primary School, we believe the basic skills of mathematics are vital for the future life opportunities of our children. Our aim is for all children to think mathematically, enabling them to execute basic skills fluently, reason critically and solve problems confidently. In order to do this, we access a range of resources, planning and activities to give children a broad maths curriculum.

Maths is taught through our own unique way of teaching, known as our ‘Stages of Learning’. These stages include the Teaching stage, Practise and Consolidation, Problem Solving, Reasoning, Hybrid and NRICH. Our Stages of Learning in maths have been designed and implemented to support children in becoming competent mathematicians across all areas of a broad curriculum, whilst at the same time challenging and enabling them to do so at their own pace.

Finally, at King Edwin we are NRICH ambassadors. By using NRICH in school, we enhance the experience of the mathematics curriculum for all learners, develop mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills, offer challenging, inspiring and engaging activities; and show rich mathematics in meaningful contexts.

Below are each year group’s medium terms plans as well as a progression document which shows how maths develops throughout the school:


Religious Education

In September 2015, schools in the County of Nottinghamshire were issued with the Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, “RE for All”. Through the use of the Syllabus and the Learning Challenges, we use RE to enable our pupils to gain insights and knowledge to equip them as responsible members in our society. The Syllabus and Learning Challenges we follow encourages pupils to discover more about religion and world views on a range of topics. They are encouraged to express ideas and insights into key questions which face all human beings as we travel through life. The three fold aims of RE in Nottinghamshire will ensure that our pupils:

  1. Know and understand a range of religions and world views which will allow them to recognise diversity which exists in our society.
  2. Can express ideas and insights  about the nature, significance and the impact of religions and world views as they develop their own personal views on a range of issues.
  3. Develop and use skills which will assist them to engage seriously with religions and world views.

Appendix – Curriculum for Religious Education – Years 1 – 6

Foundation Subjects:

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