Year Six

Autumn Term 2

‘How could Hitler have convinced a nation like Germany to follow him?’

This term, the focus will be on World War 2. This links in with Remembrance Day on Monday 11th November where Year 6 will be having a World War 2 Day. This is a dressing up day, if children wish, with pupils learning about Rationing, Code Breaking, the Black Out, look at some artefacts and War Sirens. Poppies will be on sale in school from Tuesday 5th November onwards. To supplement our learning, we have organised a trip to the Holocaust Centre (Laxton) on the 6th December. Here we will find out about the persecution suffered by the Jewish people and we are hoping to talk with a Holocaust survivor.

In English, the book called Rose Blanche will be looked at which has some really powerful pictures. These will inspire the children in some diary writing, Newspaper articles and some balanced argument pieces – look out for this work on display on our new writing display in the corridor.

Over the seven weeks of this half term, the maths topics to be covered will be decimals, measures, fractions, the four operations, geometry – 2D, 3D shapes and missing angles.

Science themes will be based around the understanding of light moving onto electricity.

Please click on the link below to see a copy of this half terms homework tasks:

Year 6 Autumn Term 2 Homework Challenges

Key information:

Throughout the year, there will be many newsletters available outlining key dates for the whole school. Here are just a few we have planned in so far that effect year 6.

2nd September – back to school.

24th September – Individual Photos

30th September – Jet Setter Day

15th and 17th October -Parents Evenings

Autumn Term 1

In English and Maths, the pupils will be studying the Year 6 curriculum. Our English sessions will be based around the Anthony Horowitz book: Stormbreaker. We find this really engages the pupils and inspires their writing to the next level.

In science, we will be considering the natural word – and focusing upon Adaptation and Evolution. We will be learning about different habitats and about different food chains and webs. Why are certain animals suited to a certain environment? And how have their bodies adapted to be able to survive and flourish in sometimes challenging eco-systems?

Through the study of Charles Darwin (linked to our science), we will follow the journey of ‘The Beagle’ around the world and think about the major countries and cities in our geography lessons – plenty of atlas and map work.

Attached is a copy of this half term’s bingo homework. The six pieces should be completed across the half-term and handed in by Friday 11th October.

In addition to the Bingo homework challenges, please encourage the children to complete their weekly Doodle Maths homework and learn their spellings. Also, there is an expectation that the pupils read at least 5 times a week to not only progress on our reading challenge, but also to develop their confidence and understanding of the written word.

Year 6 Autumn Term 1 Homework Challenges

School Diary

Pupils will be receiving a new school diary. This will be complete with important school information and can be used as a point of contact between parents and teachers. These diaries will be checked on a weekly basis. It is therefore the children’s responsibility to have them in school every day. Please feel free to comment on the reading children are doing at home. We encourage all parents to make a note of children’s reading as prizes will be awarded at the end of each half-term.

Reading is Fundamental. In fact, it is one of the most important ingredients to becoming all that you can be.

Reading develops the brain, provides a window into the world around you and helps you do better in all school subjects. We recommend that children are heard for at least fifteen minutes each night and notes to be made in their planners.

Physical Education

PE is every Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon. We ask the children to bring fleeces and jogging trousers as well as outdoor footwear (if required during the colder months of the year), as the children will have an indoor and an outdoor session each week. This should include:

  • White T-shirt
  • Navy shorts (indoor PE)
  • Plimsolls/trainers
  • Navy or black tracksuit top and bottoms (for colder weather)

Autumn 1 Activities include:

Indoor P.E. – Gymnastics

Outdoor P.E. – Tag-Rugby

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