EYFS – Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation Stage

The Foundation Team would like to welcome you to our Foundation Stage page, here you’ll find information about our phonics, what is needed for PE days, homework and the all important weekly challenge questions for each half term.

In Foundation we plan our themes on children interests and topics that will enable us to cover the EYFS learning objectives.

Little Cubs

Mrs Hart-Foundation Teacher

Mrs Hillier-Foundation Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hallam – Foundation Teaching Assistant


Mrs Sharp-Foundation Teacher (Foundation Co-Ordinator)

Mrs Stafford-Foundation Teacher (Foundation Co-Ordinator)

Mrs Poole – Foundation Teaching Assistant


Mrs Grant-Foundation Teacher

Miss Farrow-Foundation Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bradley

Mrs Fletcher



Our half-termly questions

This half term we will be learning about Space.

Week 1 – F1- Is it light at night?  F2- Can we go to the moon?

Week 2 – F1- Who sleeps at school?  F2- What is the sun?

Week 3 – F1- When do we eat breakfast? F2- Does everybody sleep at night?

Week 4 – F1- When does the sun shine? F2- Who is Tim Peake?

Week 5 – F1- Who are the Owl Babies? F2- Where do the stars go in the daytime?

Week 6 – F1 and F2- Can you tell me a story?

Week 7 – F1 and F2- How shall we celebrate Jesus’ birthday?

30 hour Entitlement:

30 Hour Entitlement


Could we please remind you to read with your child at home and write when you have done so in their diary. We would like to know any comments you want to tell us about your child’s reading. Please only one entry per day.

The challenge has been set to read 90 times between 5th September and 7th December. The children will earn certificates along the way at every 15 reads. If your child manages to read 90 times they will receive a prize.

 Books will be changed once a week. If your child has read the books given lots of times, please enjoy any books you have at home.


Phonics is taught daily, Little Cubs have a letter of the week, children are encouraged to look in the cloakroom where there will be a selection of objects that begin with that letter. The letter for the week will be shown above the objects.

What objects can you find at home to put in our phonics box?

Tigers and Lions will learn a selection of phonemes each week, these will be on the newsletter for you to practice with your child at home.

Physical Education

Tigers and Lions will have their PE day on Fridays, please can all children have shorts, t-shirt and plimsolls and can parents make sure that all items of clothing are labelled. Earrings also need to removed on PE days, staff cannot remove children’s earrings so can you please ensure that this is done at home before the child comes to school.

Parent Helpers

We are always very grateful for any time you can spare to come in and help in Foundation with baking, cutting out, reading, playing games, anything. if you have any special talents that may be of benefit to the children please come and see a member of staff. Parent helpers play a big part in a lot of the activities that we offer at school and sometimes if we haven’t got enough the activities can’t go ahead.

Peace of Mind

We know that starting school and moving to full-time can be daunting. If you have any worries or concerns please come and see your class teacher or speak to Mrs Sharp and Mrs Stafford who  the Foundation Stage Coordinators. Do you have any ideas for this page? Please let us know.

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